Instructional Dance videos

Bellydance for Beginners 
DVD Only - $17.95
Not just for Dancers - For Muscle Toning. For All Ages.
If you want to learn how to Bellydance and tone your body this is a perfect video for you. Your Bellydancing instructor is Master Teacher and renowned Dancer CORY ZAMORA.
For two decades she has been teaching and dancing throughout California and the U.S. As a skillful teacher she breaks down complex moves to make it easier to learn and master some of the secret dance techniques of the Bellydance. Cory shows you how to move your arms and upper body as part of the dance and music while toning their appearance. Zills will be used with all movements. Cory guides you through these first steps in becoming a well-toned Bellydancer. Other lessons include: Snake Arms, Develop Timing, Proper Form, The Butterfly, How To Use Zills and Inchworm Ripples, Head Circles, Transitions, Head Sliding, and Big and Little 8's. Music by Brothers of the Balady of Oregon. Songs are: "Al Ann", "Yah Shaqil Kooly Jarn I I", and "Bir Demet". They play beautiful music. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International. Color - Forty Minutes. Copyright 2005

Serious Bellydance - Standing Lessons 
DVD Only - $17.95
This is the second lesson in a systematic series of Bellydance instructional programs. It is a technical video, the real thing, not an aerobicized version of the Bellydance. Master Teacher and Dancer, CORY ZAMORA skillfuly teachers you how to do: (1) Hip Circles in place, (2) Walking Weight Change in place, (3) Figure 8's, (4) Basic Walking Shimmy, (5) Basic Arabic Camel which is your first traveling move, (6)
Flat Ball Ball Ball, High & Low Camels, (7) the Basic Camel, (8) Half-time Cymbal Pattern Loga and (9) how to put it all together. Her style ofdance is called "freestyle Arabic". Music by the fabulous BROTHERS 0F THE BALADY. Distributed Exclusivelv by Dialogue International. Color - Fiftv Minutes. Copyright 2005

Caberet Bellydance 
DVD Only - $17.95
Experience this authentic bellydancing performance as though you are present.
A live, breathtaking display of exotic Cabaret dancing. CORY ZAMORA makes this an Arabian Night to Remember. She heats up the night as she undulates to the magical Middle Eastern music and singing of MIRAGE. Enjoy the experience over and over. Members of MIRAGE include: Jim Karagozian - kanun, Eddie Karagozian - doumbek, Khatchig Jingirian - keyboards/vocals, Michel Awad - derbekki. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International. One Hour. Copyright 2002

Sword & Tray Ballancing for Bellydancers 

DVD Only - $17.95
Sword and Tray Balancing for Bellydancers will give you expert instruction and demonstration on how to balance and perforn with SWORDS AND TRAYS. Master teachers Ms Cory Zamora, and Ms Laura Sutherland provide very usefull advice, as well as professional secrets and demonstrations. This includes (a) what to look for when you buy these dancing assets, (b) how to care and manage them, and (c) how to use them in an artistic and entertaining manner. Technical Sword lessons include: Head Spins, Shoulder Spins, Stomach Rolls, Overhead Swings, Proper Presentation of Weapon, Type of Sword to Use. Tray Lessons include: Proper Presentation of Props, Type of Props to Use, Proper Removal of Props, Candles and Feuls, How to Light Candles, The Backbend with Tray, and. Head Balancing. This is highly recommended for dancers who want to expand their repertoire of dancing techniques. Musical selectuions by Brothers of the Baladi: "Chiftetelli," Darbuka," and "Mizmar" from their album Further Journeys. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International. One Hour. Copyright 2002

Caberet Bellydancing Floor Moves and Advice

DVD Only - $17.95
This teaches, by demonstration and clear instructions, the lost art of technical Cabaret Bellydancing Floor Moves. It also gives advice to working bellydancers and future performers. It contains intriguing and informative interview/discussion of Cabaret Floor moves, how they evolved and where they fit in to Cabaret Bellydancing historically and today. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International. Duration: 62 minutes. Copyright 2002

Dancing With Veils 

DVD Only - $17.95
Dancing with Veils is part and parcel of American Bellydancing. As Bellydencing
with veil evolved there developed different types of "ties" and styles of working with
Veils. It is useful to understand the reasoning behind the different styles so that the
Dancer can learn to execute the moves gracefully and elegantly. This video is the first of a series of Instructional Veil Work. Master Teacher Cory Zamor-a demonstrates and explains the style of Veil Work she prefers to use. She is assisted in this program by one of her charming students and skilled dancers, Amanda. The Veil style Cory prefers to use and teach is known as the "Bib" tie. Dancing with Veils involves skillful ways of removing the veil. In this program, twoo different ways of removal are taught. One way is suited for a shorter piece of music, while the other removal way is more appropriate for a longer musical piece. You will learn how to doVeil Work to the two main rhythms: Rhumba/Bolero, a 4 count musical piece and a Chiftiteli, an 8 count piece. It is useful to know how to dance with veils to both
rhythms. Instruction is provided in several Veil moves, including: Shadow Box, Lame Bird, among others. They are broken down so you can learn them easily. You will also learn (a) Proper Holding/Fingering with Zills, (b) what steps to use in Veil. More advanced moves can then be learned later in this series after you, the Dancer, master these basic aspects of American Bellydancing With Veil. The Veil Work lesson is accompanied by the Music of Brothers of the Baladi, "Chiftitelli" from their CD Album, Further Journeys., and "Salla Sana" from their Abum, Hope. Produced and Distributed by Dialogue Internafional. All Rights Reserved Copyright 2003

Veils Vol. 2 The Roman Tie 

DVD Only - $17.95
This is the second volume in a series of instruction on Bellydancing With Veils. These lessons teach veil work in increasing order of difficulty. While Volume I focuses on "The Bib Tie," Volume 2 focuses on "The Roman Tie." Master Bellydance Teacher, Cory Zamora, leads you through an easy-to-follow program. Cory teaches with a 4 yard veil of silk essence. You will learn "Fingering Methods," how to hold and tie the veil, especially with zills (sagat), and applying these with the different veil moves. ...illusions (never tricks) like hooking ends in time with musical high points and phrasing. You will learn professional techniques - Spinning Moves, Face Masks, Sailboats, Teepee, Windows, Clam Shell, Rosemary's Baby, and the flamboyant Lame Bird .... and all on the beat! She explains dearly how to move your body with different veil motions using a variety of fingering techniques. She shows you how to tie the veil with and without zills. Cory also discusses the type of material to use as a veil, how long it should be to suit different types of music and dances. Other useful advice is how to turn mistakes into dance moves. Music by Brothers of the Baladi. Running Time One Hour. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International

Cory Zamora Dances for You 

DVD Only - $17.95

An unforgettable, special treat for lovers of the dance, especially Bellydance. This collection documents some of Cory Zamora's beautiful performances over the past few years. It begins with a fantastic Drum Solo - with Michael Beach and the Brothers of the Baladi some called this number fantastic. You will see Old Arabic Freestyle at its best as she shows up for you different venues and rhythms. She moves onto magical moments when she dances to special, popular songs from Cory's past on her 55th Birthday Party. She even takes on the challenge of dancing with a Mariachi Band. Traditional Middle Eastern dance is also documented as she does the "Turkish Drop." Different Veil Ties: the "Scarf", the "Duchess", "My Tie." Audience interaction is fun when she dances into the crowd. Another delightful dance is when she pairs up with Bellydancer "GG" for a dynamic dancing duet. Enjoy it all. It's all for you - a full 87 minutes filled with music. movement and moonlight. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International. Color - 87 Minutes

Bellydance at the Renaissance Fair 

DVD Only - $17.95

The Renaissance means a rebirth of interests in the arts. These Faires have been gaining popularity as fun places to enjoy and imagine the Period of the Renaissance. Everybody gets dressed up, like a masquerade party. The bellydancers are a special part of the Faire. Participants set up tents, dress in period, and talk like the Middle Ages. This video shows you some of the fwi at the Faire aspects to enjoy watching and to show you how you can participate at a Faire your area. This video features the colorful Belly Dancing that takes place.
Some of the dancing rituals may seem strange, so they are explained. It all fits in naturally. Cory Zamora and the Gypsies provide the dancing for your pleasure. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International . Color - Two Hours. Copyright Z006

Learn the Art of Male Bellydancing 

DVD Only - $17.95

There is an art to "Male Belly dancing." It differs from how women traditionally do the dance. Now, you can learn from an accomplished Male Belly dancer, Wesley Gomes, of Seattle. Cory Zamora was his teacher and she provides insight into proper dress and style for Male Belly Dancers. Wesley explains and shows you how to dance like a man to the belly dance music. As the Belly dance becomes more popular and is on the dance floor, rather than wish you could dance to Arabic music, you will be able to learn just how to move your arms, feet and body to the music and be technically correct. Wesley's easy to follow lessons include: Snake Arms, Chest Isolation, Weight Change Step, Figure 8 Rotation. The Camel, Flat Ball Ball Ball, Traveling Steps Backwards, Step Push and Walking Steps. After these lessons, Wesley shows you how he dances dance from various performances of both him and another cool Male Dancer, Gregory. So, don't be left out. Join in the fun and learn
the Art of Male Belly dancing. Music by Brothers of the Baladi. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International.
Color - 70 Minutes. Copyright 2005

Cane Dancing, Zamora Power Style 

DVD Only - $19.95
An incomparable, rich and enriching set of instructions and demonstrations as Cory Zamora shows
you how to dance with Power and Style. It is within the best traditions and new renditions of belly
dancing with a cane, She does not treat the cane like a cute, delicate, feminine fancy stick. You learn how to put your own personality into the dance with cane. She begins with basic cane movements, such as Chugging, Figure 8 with Cane, Shimmy, dip, Equestrian move, The Hook with Camel, Can Can Step, Traveling, Man's Step, Pivot, Smacking, Spinning. Then she moves to Step-Kick moves, Saucy spin, Back foot Kick, 8 count, Forward & Backward, Loop the Loop, Stop Together Step, Step Push, Tap the Air. Other Manly Moves include The Hip, Head balancing, and Hands of the Soul. We also see live performances by Goddess Cory Zamora showing Cane in a Cabaret Setting, at a Renaissance Faire and free style. Distributed Exclusively by Dialogue International - Color,
45 minutes.